Health Food Supplements

Supplements are among the top selling products in the market today. Research shows that the rate at which adults are consuming health supplements is increasing day by day. Supplements can be consumed in some forms, capsules, powders, tablets, liquid, gel caps and soft gels. High consumption rates are associated with improved living standard and public awareness on health matters. There is a bog relationship between nutrition and health. Lack of sufficient nutrients in the body weakens the body’s immunity system making it vulnerable to illnesses.

Types of health supplements

  • Health supplements are of many types; we have proteins, macronutrients, enzymes, micronutrients, herbal supplements, and Probiotics. Each has a unique role in the body. Supplements are either essential for good health and life, digestion, immune system, mental clarity or liver detoxification. Some people think that there is no need to consume supplements as long as one is observing a healthy diet. Well, this is true, but we cannot ignore the fact that very few people can observe a healthy lifestyle.
  • It also becoming close to impossible o get healthy nutrients from the foods we eat. Farmers today use chemicals and fertilizers to fasten the growth and maturity of crops. This means that the original nutrients are already depleted. Food crops today contain very minimal micronutrients. Poor eating habits, stressful lifestyles and exposure to chemicals weaken our bodies hence the need for supplements.

How to buy supplements

  • Protein bonded minerals and vitamins are more bioactive than inorganic ones.
  • Purchase supplements using safe extraction methods, like, supercritical extraction or pressed extraction. This helps avoid harmful residues from the extraction.
  • Extract and herbal concentrates are more effective than raw herbs.
  • Wild herbs or those organically grown are most likely less contaminated with pesticides, metals and other chemicals.
  • Stick to the recommended does. Read labels correctly.
    Contact manufacturers or suppliers for more information about their products if in any doubt.
  • Nursing mothers, pregnant women and people with terminal conditions must conduct the doctor before taking any supplement.
  • Watch for unusual side effects from herbal supplements. Studies have shown that they can cause severe side effects to some people. Stop consumption immediately you note unusual effects.
  • Consult your doctor before taking supplements if you are on medication. Some adversely react with medications.