Growth And Development

Teenage is a crucial stage in one’s life. It comes only once. It is at this period when one decides to choose or develops good or bad habits and incorporates them into everyday life. For girls, it is important that they maintain hygiene and good health at this stage. As a mom or guardian, it is your duty to help your girl look after herself. This article will give out simple tips on how a teenage girl can achieve hygiene and health.

They include the following

Avoid oily foods

Girls at this stage want to look beautiful and slim. Weight is mostly associated with the type of foods we eat. To maintain a slim body, stay away from oily foods. Concentrate on small portions of healthy foods for a good figure. Fatness is known to spoil one’s beauty. This is not to stay that you should starve no, just eat clean and healthy.

Monthly periods

Many teenage girls struggle with periods. At this stage, they have little knowledge about them. It is, therefore, important that they take care of themselves. As a parent take the time to make it clear to them and answer any question on periods. You can refer them to internet sites where they can learn more about the same.


Teenage girls must wash their inner garments daily. This includes bras and panties. This is number one source of hygiene. Parents and guardians must make sure that the girls have a variety of inner wears. This makes it easy for them wash the dirty ones. It will be difficult if it is a wash and wear scenario.

Shaving their underarms, hands, and legs is part of hygiene. Girls are more sexy, charming and beautiful when smooth. Shaving the mentioned parts makes them smooth and beautiful.

Long hair

It is important to wash long hairs daily. It helps maintain a healthy scalp and clean hair. The right choice of shampoo and conditioner will help you achieve beautiful, shiny and soft hair.